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At Cirios, our passion is helping you [achieve/follow] yours.

It may be true that money can’t buy happiness. But it can help you achieve those goals in life that can, whether it’s opening that restaurant you’ve always dreamed of, spending more time with your kids or the simple peace of mind of saving for a rainy day. Our primary objective is to enable you, our clients, to better realize your dreams, more effectively pursue your passions and spend more time doing whatever it is that’s important to you. That’s why at Cirios, we are dedicated to creating long term, sustainable wealth and residual income through the acquisition, ownership and smart management of real estate.

Your Passion
How many times do you complain about having too much time to dedicate to what you are passionate about? Too much time to write that book, take that trip to Southeast Asia or spend time with your kids. We work, and we work hard, largely to earn the freedom that financial security is supposed to afford. But all too often we spend too much time working, and not enough time on anything else. What if there were a way to shrink the hours, days and years you had to work to arrive at a level of financial security where you could comfortably dial back the hours in the office and ratchet up time on the links?

Ask yourself this simple question: is your money working as hard as you do?

Our Focus
At Cirios, we spend our days making sure our clients have more time to spend on their passions. We work with clients at every level of investment sophistication, matching each one’s financial goals with the right real estate investment. Whether elementary school teachers or hedge fund managers, the better we do our job, the less time our clients need to spend worrying about theirs. That means more time they can spend playing, however they define it. With transparent reporting and clear communication, our clients know their money is working just as hard for them as they did to earn it.

The Opportunity
Demographics is the study of movements and patterns of populations. To understand demographics is to understand long-term real estate trends. And to understand long term real estate trends is to put oneself in a position to generate sustainable wealth by owning income-producing real estate – not for years, but for decades.

Homeownership levels in the US peaked in 2004, with almost 70% of Americans owning their own home. As of August 2011, homeownership had slumped back to 65.9%, a level not seen since 1998. Consider also that when you exclude homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgages, homeownership rates are below 60%, the lowest level since the Census Bureau started keeping track in 1965.

Break down these figures into age brackets and it’s easy to see why owning income producing real estate, particularly in job-rich Silicon Valley, is a compelling opportunity. Many demographers, including Cheryl Russell, the former editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine, who specializes in studying Americans’ housing and spending habits, believe we are seeing a fundamental shift in the way young people make housing decision. During that 2004-2010 timeframe, homeownership among 30-34 year-olds in prime home buying age fell more than any other age segment. The group below them, the 25-29-year olds, is also shunning homeownership in favor of longer tenures as renters.

This is no fad. As young people become increasingly transitory, tied less to places than they are mobile devices, the tenant pool is swelling. Further, this pool is becoming increasingly wealthy and demanding a higher quality rental experience. Combine these trends with historically low interest rates and property values that have already fallen significantly from their peak and owning income-producing residential real estate becomes a compelling investment proposition.

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